White Paper: How to Tackle Product Complexity
As products become increasingly complex, legacy PLM systems are failing to meet evolving business needs—they are too focused on mechanical 3D CAD, simulation and digital mock-up. This white paper outlines a path for manufacturers to support electronic and software product systems, and introduces the concept of “Resilient PLM”.

Complexity is on the rise across all products. Where only 20 years ago, an automotive gearbox was a relatively simple mechanical device, it is now a system of systems with mechanical and electronic components controlled by software.

PLM systems that evolved from PDM have failed to manage the complexity of modern complex products. CIOs are rightly wary of introducing yet another massive implementation.

In this 10 page white paper you will learn how “Resilient PLM” can be:
  • Flexible enough to leverage existing investments in product systems
  • Scalable to adapt to the realities of multi-national engineering teams
  • Upgradable in a way that does not impact related systems or operations

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