Case Study: PLM Transformation at Magna Powertrain GETRAG
This case study of Magna Powertrain’s GETRAG division demonstrates how PLM is particularly important to the automotive industry. Coordinating the work of personnel around the world is imperative, and having a common PLM platform with standard processes is critical to enabling global collaboration and worldwide coordination.
Complex data model in enterprise PLM supports Agile methodologies with the company’s specific competitive practices in a multi-site environment

Previously, the company began to deploy a conventional PDM system within engineering with the intent to convert to an enterprise-wide PLM scope over time. However, this proved to be overly complicated and financially infeasible, forcing the company to stop and seek a new solution path.

“Our business strategy can't wait for an extended IT process that results in a ‘big bang’ systems implementation. That’s why we started with small, high impact projects based on Aras to support specific processes that are critical to our competitiveness.”

– Rolf Huesemann – PLM Project Manager,
Magna Powertrain GETRAG

This case study sets out how GETRAG used an incremental implementation approach to successfully engage new users by addressing their business issues, including streamlining global processes and supporting Application Lifecycle Management of their embedded software and firmware.

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