White Paper: Digital Transformation and Manufacturing – What’s Next?
By embracing Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0, manufacturers are moving toward a new level of interconnected and intelligent manufacturing systems that incorporate the latest advances in sensors, robotics, big data, controllers, and machine learning.

A recent report on the state of digital transformation had some interesting results; 88 percent of companies surveyed said they were undergoing digital transformation efforts, but only a quarter had an understanding of what it is. The challenge creating this gap, according to Forbes, was not investment in technology but rather the realignment of business models to reflect the transformation being sought. This underscores the point made by IDC: digital transformation is not just a technology trend, but rather a core business approach at the center of enterprise strategies across all industry segments and markets.

In this white paper you will help you frame questions like the following:
  • How will IoT help manufacturers achieve meaningful differentiation
  • What impact with IoT and digital speed have on service response times?
  • Why are decision makers increasingly visualizing operations?

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