E-Book: The Collaborative Robot Buyer’s Guide
Regardless of its form, automation is designed to:
  • Decrease cycle times
  • Decrease time to market
  • Eliminate workplace injuries
  • Increase production quality
  • Increase production volume
  • Take over the dangerous and monotonous jobs no one wants.
Industrial robotics have brought automation a long way toward meeting these goals.

This technology has also created new possibilities and opportunities in part production, assembly and quality inspection for industries including aerospace, automotive, medical and more.

However, industrial robotics can’t solve every issue, and sometimes it can even create new problems.

That’s where the collaborative robot or “cobot,” comes in.

This e-book covers the top five cobots available in the market today. We’ll look over technical summaries for each cobot, what applications they are best suited for, what accessories they can use, and what kind of ROI can be expected after integration.

To learn about the history of collaborative robots and where they came from, check out A History of Collaborative Robots: From Intelligent Lift Assists to Cobots.

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