Webinar: Using PLM to Enable True & Enterprise - Wide Business Transformation
Western Digital, through significant expansion and acquisition, has grown from a $38M turn-around to a $15B market leader in digital storage.

This level of growth by acquisition can place severe strains on the people, processes and technology around product data.

Historically, the company would take a tactical "get-it-done" mentality to growth, home-growing solutions to solve issues as and when they arose.

While it is hard to argue with the business success, this approach has become both un-scalable and prone to highly negative events.

In this webinar Dave Davison will share lessons from Western Digital's ongoing PLM implementation including:

  • The common pitfalls of an implementation and how can these be mitigated
  • Developing PLM as an operational business practice and not as an IT deployment project
  • Making PLM implementable for a global company with operations across the US, Asia and Europe
  • Balancing the 3 requirements of PLM success – process, people and technology

About the Speaker:

Dave Davison is the Director of PLM at Western Digital. After stints at Oracle and Amazon, Dave was brought back into the WD fold two years ago with a goal to create a true, enterprise-wide PLM vision and to execute the business strategy against that vision.

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