Webinar: New Approaches to ALM/PLM Cross-Discipline Product Development
Product teams that are developing next-generation systems have to integrate processes and data across disciplines, including mechanical, electrical and software. A key challenge faced is the disconnected processes that support products, systems, hardware and software because of a lack of integration between application lifecycle management (ALM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) causing problems with:

  • Defining and releasing engineering deliverables
  • Handling the different pace of change
  • Coordinating integrated product configurations across the disciplines

Learn how the Airbus Group is taking a new approach to address these challenges.

Experts from Airbus, IBM and Aras have taken a new and different approach to ALM/PLM integration. They have created a reference architecture implementation utilizing the OASIS Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).

This webinar will demonstrate what can be achieved today using real-world scenarios for faster development, improved cross-discipline coordination, and reduced disruption in current processes for engineering complex systems-centric products.

About the Speakers:

Andreas Keis heads the systems engineering process and platform research within the Airbus Group. His main challenge is to develop disruptive techniques and improve product development and collaboration despite the geographical distribution of Airbus’ workforce and the fragmentation of the engineering data.

Stephen (Steve) Denman is a member of the IoT World Wide Enablement Team at IBM, focusing on the integration of tools across the entire product lifecycle, including engineering, manufacturing, operations and service.

Doug Macdonald is product marketing director at Aras. Macdonald has more 25 years of experience helping manufacturing companies streamline their processes for bringing new products to market.

Your attendance at this webinar is sponsored by Aras.