Webinar: Driving Decisions with Simulation: Innovation and User Experience
Simulation software is becoming increasingly accessible to product designers earlier in the design cycle.

This democratization is leading software vendors to develop new tools and workflows that can benefit product development teams in surprising ways.

In this webinar industry experts Chad Jackson and James Dagg will cover:
  • Research into the adoption of simulation
  • Trends and diverging user needs of simulation
  • How simulation addresses product design challenges

About the Speakers:

Chad Jackson is the President and Principal Analyst of Lifecycle Insights, a research and advisory firm that assesses the business impact of software applications and systems on engineering organizations.

Chad has more than 15 years of experience with CAD, CAE, PDM, PLM. Due to his industry knowledge and thought leadership, Chad is a sought-after expert, author and speaker who has advised, published and presented dozens of times.

James Dagg is the Chief Technical Officer at Altair’s modeling, visualization and math-based solutions and strategy. His responsibility is to optimize the user’s experience across Altair’s product portfolio. His goals also include the democratization of simulation to help drive business innovation and initiatives.

Dagg has over 25 years of experience at Altair moving from a structural analyst to upper management.

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