Webinar: Parametric Studies of a CFD Sliding Mesh Simulation
Tools like CFD, sliding meshes and parametric studies can help engineers simulate products such as pumps and turbochargers.

These simulations can assess various configurations early the design cycle.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How to make the right optimization decisions faster.
  • How to make trade-offs with conflicting criteria (i.e. cost vs. quality).
  • What qualities in simulation tools make a difference.

Mentor Graphics will then demonstrate how to set up a sliding mesh and parametric study in a live FloEFD demo.

About the Speaker:

Michelle Boucher is the vice president of research for engineering software at Tech-Clarity. Michelle has spent over 20 years in various roles in engineering, marketing and management working with industry as well as software vendors. As an industry analyst she has benchmarked over 7,000 product development professionals and published over 90 reports on product development best practices, including the use of CAE software.

Boris Marovic is an industry manager for automotive and aerospace industries in the mechanical analysis division at Mentor Graphics. His role is to work with product managers and customers to determine how mechanical analysis products meet the needs of an industry. He started at Mentor in 2007 as an application engineer and has since worked on a wide range of automotive and aerospace projects.

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