Product Lifecycle Management - Beyond Managing CAD - White Paper
Top performing companies don’t just integrate PLM with their enterprise systems – they also integrate PLM with their engineering tools and CAD systems. But it is their process-centric approach that really drives better performance for their business.

Find out how modern PLM systems can manage product data and processes to provide an overall strategic advantage.

In this 19 page white paper, you will learn how the highest performing companies

  • Apply the benefits of PLM
  • Tightly integrate their PDM and PLM
  • Apply a process-centric PLM approach
  • Expand the role of PLM across the enterprise
  • Are twice as likely to use cloud solutions

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About the author:

Jim Brown analyses the business value of software technology and services. His 20 years with manufacturing software includes roles in industry, management consulting, the software Industry and research. His experience spans enterprise applications including PLM, ERP, quality management, service lifecycle management, manufacturing, supply chain management, and more.