[Webinar] Next Shoring: A New Paradigm for Global Manufacturing
How will manufacturers decide where to make their products in 2015 and beyond?

Our editors recently attended a presentation by thought leaders from McKinsey & Co. We were so impressed with their insights that we asked whether they would share the presentation with you.

This is an educational webinar available to you as a member of Eng-Tips or ENGINEERING.com.

In this webinar you'll hear how new technologies fundamentally change manufacturing value chains and processes. Those changes lead to a different way to plan where manufacturers should be making their products.

If you are considering any changes to where your products are manufactured, join us for this informative webinar featuring two of McKinsey's leading experts on manufacturing.

About the speakers:

Katy George
co-lead, McKinsey's Global
Manufacturing Practice
An 18-year veteran of McKinsey, Katy has focused on global macroeconomic changes, advanced manufacturing technologies, and how they will reshape manufacturing strategies and opportunities.

Katy co-authored McKinsey's report "Manufacturing the future: The next era of global growth and innovation", and McKinsey's perspective "Next-shoring: A CEO's Guide" (2014).

Andrew Gonce
Senior Practice Expert

Andrew Gonce is a former product development engineer at Ford Motor Company and a six sigma black belt. Today he is a Senior Practice Expert in the Operations Practice of McKinsey & Company where leads the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing practice in North America.

Andrew holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke University as well as an MBA from the University of Virginia.