Using 3D Printing to Accelerate Design - White Paper

The longer a product stays in the design cycle, the longer it takes to get to market.

Time saved prototyping with in-house
3D printing vs. other methods
In this white paper you will learn how companies are using in-house 3D Printing in their design cycles to reduce iterations in prototyping, leading to

"A New Mindset in Product Design."

The ability to refine form, fit and function quickly can significantly improve production costs and time to market.

While most product development teams are aware that 3D printing provides a highly cost-efficient means of producing numerous design iterations, many are still unaware of the advantages of owning printers in-house rather than outsourcing their prototypes.

Download this white paper to learn more about the competitive advantage companies can experience by including 3D printing as an integral part of their design process.

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