Simulation for Design Engineers – On-Demand Webinar and Demo

Join analyst Chad Jackson as he shares the results of Lifecycle Insights' survey on "Simulation Driven Design".

You will learn the main challenges designers face when using simulation:

  • They lack knowledge of physics behind simulations
  • Simulation processes take too much time
  • Generating the right mesh is too time intensive

Chad will explain how new Simulation-in-CAD tools can address many of these challenges.

Chad will be joined by Dr. Omar Zohni who will demonstrate how a part designed in SOLIDWORKS CAD can be subjected to Finite Element Analysis simulation during the design process.

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This webinar is sponsored by SOLIDWORKS

About the Speakers

Chad Jackson is the President and Principal Analyst of Lifecycle Insights, a research and advisory firm that assesses the business impact of software applications and systems on engineering organizations.

Chad has more than 15 years of experience with CAD, CAE, PDM, PLM. Due to his industry knowledge and thought leadership, Chad is a sought-after expert, author and speaker who has advised, published and presented dozens of times.


Dr. Omar Zohni got his start in simulation techniques working at Northrop Grumman where he was responsible for the thermal, mechanical, and vibration analysis of their electronics enclosures and boards. He joined SOLIDWORKS in 2010 after 5 years at ANSYS as a Sr. Application Engineer.

Dr. Zohni earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University.