Integrated PLM and ERP Solution for Smaller Product Development Teams - On-Demand Webinar

Do you know how much your next product change will cost?

Integrated ERP and PLM can give you the answers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how NetSuite and Autodesk are uniting ERP and PLM on the cloud for fast and easy deployment.

Before you change your product design, you need to know what the financial impact will be. Uniting these enterprise systems can help your Engineering and Manufacturing departments collaborate more effectively to improve your end-to-end manufacturing processes from concept to customer delivery.

In this joint webinar, experts Eric McSherry of Autodesk, and Gavin Davidson of NetSuite, will show you the new integration between NetSuite ERP and Autodesk PLM 360 in action, and demonstrate how integrating PLM and ERP can help:

  • Sharpen costing and pricing
  • Enable intelligent change management
  • Accelerate your time to value

This webinar is sponsored by Autodesk and NetSuite.


About the presenter

Eric McSherry is an expert in the field of Product Lifecycle Management. Prior to coming to Autodesk, Eric managed a global product engineering team for NVIDIA and was a member of NVIDIA's PLM core team.


Gavin Davidson is the vertical market expert for manufacturing at NetSuite. In his current role, Gavin is charged with utilizing his understanding of the product, market place and customers to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and drive the solution maps for product offerings.