The Experts’ Guide to Manufacturing Transformation

The manufacturing industry is undergoing one if its most significant transformations in decades. The years of industrialized nations gaining significant economic advantages from shifting production to low cost, developing nations are coming to an end. Today's economic landscape and rising wages in formerly low-cost countries make offshoring less attractive.

In this 18-page guide, industry experts  Cindy Jutras and Jim Brown were asked to weigh in on trends in the industry, the role ERP and PLM play in supporting transformation and the importance of Engineering and Manufacturing collaboration.

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About the industry experts

Cindy Jutras is a widely recognized expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications on business performance. She is founder and president of Mint Jutras, an independent research and advisory firm. Utilizing over 35 years of corporate experience and specific expertise in manufacturing, supply chain and business performance management, Cindy has spent the past 8 years benchmarking the performance of software solutions in the context of the business benefits of technology.



Jim Brown is the founder and President of independent research firm Tech-Clarity. Jim is a recognized expert in software solutions for manufacturers, with over 20 years of experience in application software, management consulting, and research. He has broad knowledge on the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), ERP, and other enterprise applications to improve business performance.