eBook - Transforming Medical Device Design with NX
Today’s medical device companies and suppliers must address increasing product complexity in the electronics and mechanical realm. The challenge? Medical devices are becoming so complex and personalized that product designers have no room for error or waste. To stay agile within the industry, product designers and manufacturers must adopt a holistic platform to drive innovation and speed to market.

NX delivers the next generation of design that enables you to deliver innovative products smarter and faster. NX provides a platform that is scalable, connected and collaborative. It provides solutions for electromechanical and generative design, integrated simulation and other core capabilities to improve the efficiency of medical device product design.

Download this ebook which dives into the different design stages of medical devices. With this, you’ll learn how your organization can remove the barriers to innovation by adopting a holistic platform driving speed to market. From concept, to case design, to ECAD and PCB design, to simulation and analysis, and finally getting your product to the market.

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