eBook - Integrating the Engineering Ecosystem
Product development software cannot work in a vacuum. The Aras Platform was built on fundamentally open design principles ensuring that the IT ecosystem will function optimally.

At the end of the day, a PLM system can begin to get information centralized and out of email and spreadsheets, but the job is only half done if that system keeps the data limited to the engineering silo. Additionally, a successful PLM system must interface with a variety of other systems and authoring tools. Inevitably, some of these systems are homegrown, outdated, or simply architected in a closed manner.

Aras Innovator provides multiple options for integrating data between systems, depending on the scenario. Utilizing the right approach to meet specific business requirements is vital. These needs range from authoring tools, federating data from various and dissimilar databases, and triggering processes and workflows. This ensures that the right data is available to the right people.

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