White Paper - Solving Project Resource Allocation Problems with Aerospace ERP
Why do aviation and defense (A&D) manufacturers need enterprise resource planning (ERP) with built-in estimate at completion (EAC) and estimate to completion (ETC) capabilities? Because it's all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • Cost reimbursement and cost-plus defense contracts, which require rigorous tracking of project or system cost so a standard markup can be applied, up to a set limit
  • Earned value management, a system where liquidity events are tied to the achievement of specific project milestones
  • Time and materials contracts, which tie payment on direct labor hours, actual materials cost and profit
  • Performance-based logistics (PBL), which requires project accounting across the entire lifecycle of the asset so they can profitably deliver on the promised level of availability

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