eBook - Multidisciplinary Simulation and Design Exploration in the Electronics Industry
The end goal of any design is a reliable product that performs well. Yet achieving these characteristics in the design of electronics systems is a challenging endeavor. One of the most common causes of mechanical failure is overheating, which can lead to performance degradation, failure of individual components, temperature cycling failure of solder joints, and reduced system lifetime.

Fortunately, there are several tools at the design engineer’s disposal to help mitigate these challenges.

Analytical calculations are particularly well-suited for broad system performance modeling and early design envelope evaluation. Physical testing is the standard for final design validation and qualification. But between these two ends of the design cycle simulation is typically the most effective tool, allowing the engineer to efficiently explore the performance of a design, virtually test design variants, and predict system robustness and reliability.

This report will highlight a wide sampling of applications, addressing a range of physical phenomena important to the different designs, spanning component to system design.

In this eBook, key topics include:
  • Pushing the boundaries of electronics design
  • Dr. Mesh on heat transfer in narrow enclosures
  • Implementing CFD at Overview
  • Coupled thermal-electrical simulations shed light on LED performance
  • And much more

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