White Paper - Smart Manufacturing for Electronics
This white paper describes a product development strategy designed for manufacturers of electronics for consumer and industrial products, home appliances, manufacturing services, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense and semiconductor equipment.

In each of these industries, companies are struggling to meet customers’ demands for faster new product introductions (NPIs), flawless quality, personalized and customized products and internet connectivity. As manufacturers attempt to meet these expectations, they must also manage the complications of global supply chains as well as the increased complexity of today’s advanced design and manufacturing practices.

Smart manufacturing for electronics can support you in this challenging environment. Smart manufacturing for electronics is an integrated platform that encompasses both PCB design and mechanical flows while uniting all of the domains required to engineer, manufacture and deliver today’s smart products. It is a digitalized development strategy that encompasses everything from PCB design and factory floor optimization to incorporating customer feedback into new designs.

This white paper will explain:
  • What smart manufacturing for electronics is
  • What advantages it offers over conventional product development approaches
  • Why this strategy can help your company succeed

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