New Website Brings Structural Simulations into Early Design Cycle
Shawn Wasserman posted on January 16, 2015 |
Simulation in the cloud for beginners and designers.

A new cloud-based simulation platform is looking to educate designers about structural simulations. SimulationForDesign promises to give designers the background they need to evaluate their models, hoping to improve designs earlier in the process.

SimulationForDesign assesses the structural performance of parts and small assemblies. Many of the complex procedures to fix geometry and set up the problem are simplified in the software. This includes automated mesh generation and assigning material properties. The tool is easy to use too, thanks to a simple navigation environment and cloud-based access that doesn’t require any installation.

SimulationForDesign’s software is created by FEA simulation company Fidesys LLC, and the solver is based on Fidesys FEA technology. Therefore, its results are similarly reliable. For the best results the website does offer training services that educate users about structural performance based on displacements and stresses. This is intended to help designers lead the development cycle with analysis, as opposed to geometry.

Joe Walsh, CEO of intrinSIM said, “I am pleasantly surprised to see an innovative approach to reducing the expertise required for CAE as part of the design process … focuses on leveraging commercial grade meshing and solver technology in an attempt to improve the design process. Providing a streamlined method to enable better design decisions may open the door for significantly broader use of CAE. Oh yeah... it's in the cloud.”

Of course, the software isn’t trying to replace analysts or the CAE tools needed to validate designs. Instead, the tool aims to bring simulation to the front of the development cycle, when it is easier, faster and cheaper to make changes.

The SimulationForDesign software is currently in Beta and is offering users a reduced subscription fee. The pay as you go model can cost as low as $10 per model.

Source MCADCafé.

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