ANSYS’ Model-Based System Engineering Software Meets Automotive ISO Standards
Shawn Wasserman posted on January 13, 2015 |
ANSYS SCADE’s code generation qualifies for ISO 26262 automotive safety standard.

SCADE automotive embedded software generation now meets ISO 26262 safety standards.
ANSYS SCADE is a model-based System Engineering (MBSE) software capable of generating embedded control software for automotive applications. The latest software generation is now qualified for ISO 26262 automotive safety standards.

The amount of electronics in cars grows every year, both in volume and complexity. Thus, it is all the more imperative that the code controlling these dashboards, heads-up displays and engine electronics meet strict safety standards.

By achieving this ISO rating, SCADE’s code now meets ISO’s safety requirements throughout the lifecycle of all electronics and electrical safety systems. This includes SCADE Suite MBSE control generation software and SCADE Display, a model-based tool suite for Human Machine Interface (HMI) generation.

To ensure these standards were met the company contacted TUV SUD Rail GmbH, a global testing and inspection consultant firm. The firm assessed the code generation of ANSYS SCADE Suite KCG 6.4 and SCADE Display KCG 6.4.3. The firm determined that these programs are compliant with ISO 26262 up to the highest safety requirements for the automotive industry, ASIL D.

Eric Bantegnie, ANSYS VP for Systems said, "We are pleased that the latest versions of SCADE Suite KCG and SCADE Display KCG have received an additional certification, expanding our depth into the automotive industry, as we continue to invest in supporting safety standards and tool qualification … This TUV SUD certification reinforces the quality and reliability of our model-based SCADE Suite and SCADE Display solutions and their respective code generators for automotive customers."

Source Investis.

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