One of the Great Minds Behind SOLIDWORKS’ Success is Dead. RIP, Vic Leventhal
Verdi Ogewell posted on October 05, 2020 |
With Leventhal at the helm, SOLIDWORKS traveled around the world.

One of the legends of the CAD industry is dead. Vic Leventhal was the man who organized SOLIDWORKS’ sales and market approach in the early years—something he did so successfully that the desktop-based 3D CAD software quickly sailed forward and took a leading position in the design field.

The reason was that he invested in developing a competent chain of resellers instead of internally taking on the tough work of establishing the solution commercially on the market.

With Leventhal at the helm, SOLIDWORKS traveled around the world and trained, evaluated and certified partners. In a market where SOLIDWORKS grew so fast, competitors such as Autodesk and Solid Edge were cautious and invested in a mixed mix of their own sales organization and partners. Meanwhile, Leventhal was 100 percent consistent in its partner investment. The results were not long in coming.

He was the company's COO from the start in 1995 until 2003, and then was a consulting advisor for several years. He was also one of the board members of the 3D printing company Stratsys.

Vic Leventhal was 74 years old.

One of the key people behind SOLIDWORKS' success in the CAD market, Vic Leventhal, is dead.
One of the key people behind SOLIDWORKS' success in the CAD market, Vic Leventhal, is dead.

In addition to being a skilled organizer of the sales work on and in the operation of SOLIDWORKS, where above all he consistently advocated for a retail chain where they invested heavily in building the market's strongest competence around their CAD product, he was also an extremely socially competent person. He was genuine right down to his fingertips, and treated his surroundings with respect and kindness without being able to be determined, articulate and clear when required.

I met him many times during his active years, and I especially remember the fantastic atmosphere he was able to establish during the company's annual global user experience event, SOLIDWORKS World. We could sit 2,000 people in the audience in a giant auditorium, but when Vic appeared, you got the feeling that you sat relaxed and talked to him in a small group in his living room.

He was a unique personality and my thoughts today go to his family, to relatives and industry colleagues who today, like me, feel almost shocked that he no longer exists. Vic has always been there for all the years and the memory of him will live on.

" A Legend," Says SOLIDWORK'S Founder, Jon Hirschtick

There are many comments on social media today, and the cause of death has not yet been announced.

Jon Hirschtick, the SOLIDWORKS founder and among Vic’s closest collaborators, says in a comment which reflects the feelings that come up when news of Vic Levethal's death reaches us:

“RIP Vic Leventhal. The whole CAD industry has lost a true legend. More powerful than any CAD program was Vic’s incredible way with people. We are sad and shocked. We miss you, my friend.”

It's just to agree wholeheartedly: rest in peace, Vic. We have not only lost a skilled industry person, but above all a fantastic person.

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