Quality Control Software Offers Excel-Based SPC
Ian Wright posted on March 02, 2016 |
Analyse-it Software’s newest edition brings statistical process control into Microsoft Excel.
Process capability graph generated by Analyse-it.
Process capability graph generated by Analyse-it.

Analyse-it Software has released a major new edition to its statistical analysis software for use with Excel.

The Quality Control and Improvement Edition enables users to improve their products and services with statistical process control (SPC) using Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet application.

The software is designed to help make manufacturing processes more stable and predictable. To that end, it features Shewart, cumulative sum and moving average control charts.

Control chart generated by Analyse-it.
Control chart generated by Analyse-it.

The improvements in this edition also enable manufacturers to ensure that their products conform to end-user specifications by using capability indices to compare in-control process performance to specification limits. Using Pareto analysis, users can identify commonly occurring defects and monitor them during process improvement.

The idea behind this latest edition of Analyse-it software is to transform Excel into a powerful yet cost-effective statistical analysis and data visualization tool.

Pareto chart generated by Analyse-it.
Pareto analysis generated by Analyse-it.

“We’re pleased to reach a major milestone in extending the analysis capabilities of Analyse-it,” said Simon Huntington, director of statistical products at Analyse-it.

“Unlike the alternatives, Analyse-it lets you perform all your statistical analysis without having to leave or export your data from Microsoft Excel,” Huntington added.

For more information, or to download a 30-day free trial, visit the Analyse-it website.

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