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Porsche Engineering Services
Porsche creates detailed solutions and complete systems for the automotive industry - but has also developed a great deal more: airplane engines, forklift trucks, billboard systems, heaters - we are open to new ideas and new challenges. We do your production planning, assist you during the start of production, help you optimize your processes and place our ample production know-how at your disposal.

How about the Style Porsche team working on your next styling project?

  • Transportation and product styling
  • Exterior styling
  • Interior styling
  • Scaled-down and full-size models
  • Mock-ups and ergonomic studies
  • Colour and trim
  • Showcar styling and set-up

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Porsche Style
Body Engineering
Porsche Body

The protection of resources is one of our main priorities. So is light-weight design - which has always been a specialty of Porsche. Porsche cars are built for long service lives. More than two thirds of all the Porsches ever built are still on the road today. The long-life principle has always been a core element of Porsche's philosophy

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Engine, Tansmission and Chassis

We have developed flat-, in-line and V-engine families with and without turbochargers from concept to series production. Our spectrum of projects includes small/large series engines, high-power derivatives, race engines, engineering of individual components, basic engines and applications.

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Porsche Engine
Simulation and Calculation
Virtual Prototyping

Porsche makes intensive use of "virtual prototyping" to accelerate the development process.
The virtual prototypes are used for the analysis and optimization of

  • crashworthiness
  • vibrational behavior and acoustic properties
  • handling and driving comfort
  • cooling and aerodynamics
  • powertrain components
  • driving performances and fuel consumption

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Porsche offers a full spectrum of test facilities:

  • Drivetrain test facilities
  • Exhaust emission rigs, fuel tank test station
  • 4-channel hydropulser, multi-channel road simulator, vibration test benches
  • Proving ground with Skid Pad
  • Climatic/full-scale/model wind tunnels, climatic chambers with or without rollers and solar simulation facility
  • Crash facilities, free-motion headform simulator. Acceleration sled, body compression and tensile load test bench, test pendulum.

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