Civil Engineering
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 Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is concerned with the control of the environment for the benefit of humankind. Civil engineers provide modern society with vital infrastructure and lifeline systems such as cities, roads, buildings, bridges, railroads, and water systems. In addition, they protect society from the extreme forces of nature such as high winds, earthquakes, and floods. The central areas of civil engineering are structural design, water resources and environmental engineering, geotechnical, and transportation. The civil engineering program provides the training to make use of modern materials, computational methods, and other scientific developments.

Careers in Civil Engineering

The diversity within civil engineering creates a wide range of career choices for its graduates. For example, civil engineering graduates have worked in small consulting firms as well as in designing urban transportation system. Their expertise is well respected in the Third World, where their skill in municipal and urban systems is essential for these countries to develop into industrialized nations.

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