Computer Science
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Computer Science

Computer science is a discipline that involves the understanding and design of computers and computational processes, including both hardware and software. Computer science is composed of many broad subdisciplines, including artificial intelligence, software engineering, algorithms and data structures, numerical and symbolic computation, operating systems, database and information storage and retrieval, robotics, computer graphics and virtual reality, and human-computer communications. The ultimate goal of computer science is to enable computer technology to solve problems in science, business, and industry.

Careers in Computer Science

Most universities offer bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees in computer science, from within their departments of Mathematics, Science, or Engineering. Computer scientists can be found in most industries, as well as government agencies, universities, and research labs around the world. Among the many possibilities are the exciting fields of space exploration, electronics, telecommunications, financial trading, medicine, and electro-optic systems. A computer science major may be employed as a programmer, a systems analyst, a network analyst, a project manager, a database analyst, an Internet security analyst, and in many other capacities.

Computer scientists are needed to design new operating systems, more efficient algorithms, better encryption schemes, faster compilers, more efficient databases, and more effective applications. They are also a crucial part of every other engineering field.

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