Materials Engineering
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Materials Engineering

Materials engineering deals with the applied science and engineering of both metallic and nonmetallic materials, including their production, processing, properties, and applications. The materials engineer is concerned with various aspects of a broad field, which includes metal extraction, the forming and fabrication of materials, engineering behavior of metals and alloys, and the processing and properties of ceramics and polymers. Materials and their properties are an important design consideration in many engineering projects; in fact, in many cases the success of major new technologies hinges critically upon new and often unforeseen demands on materials performance.

Careers in Materials Engineering

Metals and materials engineers work in a variety of activities, such as manufacturing, research and development, design, sales and marketing, technical services, quality control and testing, management and administration, and teaching. You may find yourself leading a failure investigation at an aircraft crash site, purchasing multi-million dollar equipment in Europe or Asia for the steel industry, helping turn fuel cells from a technical vision to a commercial reality, making computer processors smaller and faster, or recovering copper from a five-kilometer long mound of ore high up in the Andes Mountains.

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