Nuclear Engineering
Staff posted on November 09, 2006 |
Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineering is concerned with the engineering aspects of the uses of nuclear processes for supplying human needs. Nuclear processes cover a wide range of technology, including splitting heavy atoms (fission), joining light elements (fusion), generating electricity, and using radiation for medical or industrial diagnostics.

Careers in Nuclear Engineering

Employment opportunities in nuclear activities range from positions with nuclear power plant utilities to research appointments in laboratories, hospitals, consultancies, and other research institutions. Currently, many job opportunities are available at the US Department of Energy and their contractor facilities to assist in the site restoration and cleanup activities. In the future there will be significant demand for persons with advanced training in health physics and radiological engineering to conduct environmental remediation in parts of the world affected by past defense facility operations. Because of the highly technical nature of the field, there has been a strong demand for persons with advanced degrees in nuclear engineering.

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