Christmas Gifts for Young Engineers
John Hayes posted on November 23, 2010 |

At some point in the next few weeks you will be looking for a Christmas present for the young engineer on your list. Take a look at the video we shot yesterday to see the following toys in action:

Quadrilla Twist and Rail – I would buy this and would happily play with it.

Magformers – Solid educational toy.

4D City Puzzle Scapes – The time travel concept is really interesting, especially if your kids are into history as mine are

K'Nex Sonic Blizzard Coaster – I wish we had better video of this toy, because you know it was going to be good.

Robotic Arm – Building this toy would take the better part of Christmas Day, which is a good thing.

Lite Hawk Helicopter – Definitely my favorite, and at $50 it was reasonably priced. This is one toy I’m planning on buying. It was fun from the first moment.

Quercetti BIG Marbledrome – I hate to say it, but we couldn’t make this thing work. Marbles were flying everywhere. Our editor was too kind. This one does NOT get my vote.

You can buy all of these toys online or in many stores. We know that they are definitely available at

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