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More Questions to Ask Employers
Staff posted on December 15, 2010 |
In a previous article we focused on asking employers "questions that matter." In that article, we fo...

In a previous article we focused on asking employers "questions that matter." In that article, we focused on areas of questions that would help you determine if you and the employer were compatible. This article is an extension to that, listing specific questions you can ask that will not only provide you with more information about the company in general, but the position itself and how it fits into the rest of the organization.

Company Related Questions

  • Are there any new products (or services) in the development stage?
  • Is this company growing? At what rate?
  • Do you have plans for expansion?
  • Is your company environmentally conscious? In what ways?
  • Is your company involved in the community?
  • How is a career with your company better than with your competition?
  • What is the largest problem facing this department and its staff?
  • What do you and/or your employees like best about working for this company?
  • Where does this position fit into the organizational structure hierarchy?
  • Does your company encourage further education, help pay for or allow flexible work schedules to accommodate those continuing their education?Job Evaluation
  • How often are performance reviews given? How formal are they?
  • Are salary adjustments geared to the cost of living or job performance?
  • What is the usual promotional time frame?
  • How long is the probationary period?
  • Once the probation period is complete, what benefits would I receive?
  • Once the probation period is completed, how much decision-making authority will I haven?
  • When a position becomes available, do you fill them from outside or promote from within first?Role Related
  • Is this a new position or am I replacing someone? Is there a lot of turnover in this position?
  • What are some of the qualities you looking for in the perfect candidate?
  • What skills would the ideal candidate posseess?
  • What are some of the first assignments I might expect?
  • Is there any travel involved in this position?
  • Is the work more individual based or team oriented?
  • Who was the last person that filled this position, what made them successful at it, where are they today, may I contact them, how?Work Environment Related
  • What characteristics do successful employees in this company share?
  • Are creativity and individuality encouraged in the workplace?
  • Do you offer flextime or telecommuting?
  • Will I have the opportunity to work on special projects?This is by no means a complete list of questions. There are many more that might be more company or industry specific, depending on what job you are applying for. You can also think of follow-up questions to some of the above that have not been listed. Many of these questions may get answered throughout the course of an interview. It is good practice to bring a long list of questions like this to your interview and check them off as the interviewer addresses them. At the end of the interview, any questions that remain unanswered are a good place to start. You should also have a pen and some blank paper handy so you can jot down any other questions that might come to mind during the interview.

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