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Technical Summary
Staff posted on December 15, 2010 |

Generally speaking, engineering jobs are technical in nature, regardless of what discipline you have received your training in. As such, you should dedicate a portion of your resume to your technical skills, qualifications and certifications in the form of a technical summary.

For the best results, subcategorize these skills, qualifications and certifications. For example, if you were a computer engineer, the following would be an appropriate set of subcategories for your Technical Skills Summary:

  • Technical / Computer Certifications
  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking / Protocols
  • Programming / Language
  • Web applications
  • Database applications
Each subsection should briefly touch on any pertinent information such as course content, duration, projects completed, platforms used and any accomplishments that arose from the skill, qualification or certification. Do not get into too much detail - save that for the interview.

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