Entries for September 2018

IoT Connectivity with No Programming Required? Si Labs Releases New Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules
Silicon Labs released Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules that promise developers to get IoT applications up...
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Alibaba Group Names Chip Subsidiary After Notoriously Fierce Badger
We’re not sure what the bigger story is here: that the conglomerate is making AI chips, or that Alib...
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What is the First Ever IoT Law Really Asking For? The Experts Weigh In
The bill aims to set standards for IoT security, but critics warn the language is too vague to be ef...
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Steam-powered Steam Trap Monitors: Should Someone Have Thought of This Before?
Venture-backed startup PsiKick develops IoT battery-free steam trap monitor that runs on energy harv...
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Taoglas Delivers Multiband Antenna Geared for NB-IoT
The series of antennas is the first to cover the new Band 71, which has been designated for NB-IoT i...
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