Entries for August 2018

Samsung and LG Make Big Moves in IoT, Cloud and Communications
Will South Korea’s electronic giants move the center of IoT and cloud development toward the east?
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Submarine to Airplane Communication: How 5G May Be the Key
Researchers from MIT use millimeter wave signals to solve the long-standing challenge of underwater ...
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IoT microPlatform Is Set to Boost Cybersecurity
Foundries.io hopes to unite “fragmented” IoT with a standardized platform for security updates.
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Is ZigBee Poised to Become the Wireless Standard for IoT?
ZigBee chipsets are expected to be used in over four billion IoT products by the year 2023. Here's w...
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Driving Dreams: Internet of Me Implications, Today and Tomorrow
The 2nd annual Driving Dreams conference recently wrapped up in Mississauga, Canada.
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