Entries for February 2016

Telit to Add Dashboarding and Network Steering to IoT Platform
Android open source framework to be supported by Telit App creation software.
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How Linux’s IoT Zephyr Operating System Works
Making a real-time operating system for small footprint devices.
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IoT Operating System Runs Multiple Low Memory Devices Over a Common User Interface
MicroEJ OS version 4 offers secure connections of IoT devices.
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Cisco’s New IoT Service Platform Costs $1.4 Billion
Platform to help engineers launch, automate, manage and monetize IoT services goes on sale.
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IoT Makes Construction Machinery More Productive and Intelligent
Integrated wireless technologies can be the next big step in construction machinery.
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Telit’s IoT Chip Works Better on Sprint Network Indoors
More applications for IoT chips include smart metering to telematics.
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