Entries for December 2017

The 3 Winners of the Z-Wave Smart Home Maker Challenge
First place went to an IoT-enabled remote medication dispenser.
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Thingstream Launches Online Connectivity Store
The online store provides easy access to the Thingstream Starter Kit, IoT Button and more.
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IoT Interoperability Solved? New Open Language for IP-Based Networks Has a Chance
Zigbee releases Dotdot, an IoT communication language on Thread’s IP network.
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KEPServerEX Adds New MQTT Client Driver
Version 6.4 also includes driver updates and more ThingWorx support.
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New Research Shows IoT at Inflection Point in Product Design
IoT survey shows increasing adoption of the technology.
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ThingLogix Introduces Foundry Packages for IoT
Suite of 8 SaaS applications tailored for market-facing IoT solutions.
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