Entries for October 2018

Microsoft Bats for IoT Use in Cricket
Could IoT change how we watch the game? Real time analytics of batting motion aims to bring sports e...
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Israeli Dye Solar Cell Startup to Harvest Energy from Indoor Lighting
The project, which is in its pilot stages, is targeting everything from medical to smart home device...
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Longtime Rivals Arm and Intel Join Forces on IoT Security
Chipmaker giants are preparing to help industries connect 1 trillion IoT devices in two decades.
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Constellation of IoT Antennas to Provide Global Coverage
Swiss company Astrocast wants to bring IoT and M2M coverage to the 90 percent of the globe left in t...
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Anti-drone Startup Partners with AT&T to Develop Defense Using IoT
Dedrone will combine custom sensors with LTE networks to bring drone security to consumers in real t...
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