LoRa Edge Platform Targets IoT Asset Management
Eric Rendall posted on March 02, 2020 |
Semtech launches new platform portfolio, beginning with low-power geolocation.
The LR1110 for geolocation is the first product in the new LoRa Edge portfolio. (Image courtesy of Semtech.)
The LR1110 for geolocation is the first product in the new LoRa Edge portfolio. (Image courtesy of Semtech.)

Semtech has released a new LoRa-based IoT portfolio, LoRa Edge. LoRa is Semtech’s proprietary physical layer underpinning the popular LoRaWAN low-power wide area network protocol. The new LoRa Edge portfolio is meant to simplify IoT deployments for indoor and outdoor asset management applications.

The first product released in the new portfolio is the LoRa Edge geolocation platform, which integrates a LoRa transceiver with Wi-Fi and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) scanning technologies. The hardware is paired with geolocation and device management services that operate on the LoRa Cloud platform.

According to Semtech, the LoRa Edge geolocation platform has three key benefits: it reduces bill of material costs, by eliminating the need for extra GNSS and Wi-Fi components; it reduces device power requirements, due to the LoRa Cloud geolocation system; and it increases the expected level of security of the product, due to secure join processes and key provisioning during the manufacturing process.

It is predicted that an explosion in IoT devices will occur over the next decade—upwards of 500 billion internet connected devices. Many of these devices will require a form of localization capability. Since the LoRa Edge geolocation platform has Wi-Fi and GNSS capabilities in a single-chip, users can choose the localization tool best suited for their usage needs.

“Semtech continually delivers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that simplify and accelerate the development of Low-PowerWideAreaNetwork (LPWAN) applications,” said Pedro Pachuca of Semtech. “LoRa Edge and LoRa Cloud geolocation services enable customers to develop ultra-low power applications for a variety of industries and will expand the mass adoptions of LoRa in the IoT ecosystem.”

The LoRa Edge geolocation chipset, LR1110, is currently available. More products in the LoRa Edge portfolio are expected to be available in the first half of 2020.

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