Flash-to-Cloud Security for IoT Devices Gets a Boost
Vincent Charbonneau posted on February 25, 2020 |
NanoLock and Adesto partner to reinforce IoT security in critical infrastructure
(Image courtesy of NanoLock Security.)
(Image courtesy of NanoLock Security.)

NanoLock Security and Adesto Technologies have joined forces to work on flash-based embedded security and management systems for low-density flash memory utilized in IoT devices, such as smart meters, sensors and controllers, water utilities, industrial facilities and more.

The purpose of this collaboration is to provide a hardware root of trust in a device’s flash memory that blocks unauthorized modifications to prevent persistent takeover of the device. The control of flash updates is transferred from vulnerable remote edge devices to a trusted entity in the utility data center, ensuring that only validated commands and updates will modify the flash. In addition, the hardware root of trust provides data such as attack alerts, status reports and forensic data.

“NanoLock’s patented technology alongside Adesto’s novel flash technology delivers an important additional layer of protection and monitoring for utilities and industrial companies,” said Eran Fine, NanoLock CEO. “Through our alliance with Adesto, we are able to seamlessly secure a variety of IoT devices, such as smart meters, controllers and sensors, to bring new levels of protection and control to connected infrastructure.”

This type of security is especially important for critical infrastructure, where threats can come from various attack sources like outsiders (such as state-level actors), insider threats and offshore supply chain attacks. To keep infrastructure safe, it is crucial that remote connected devices are protected throughout their entire lifecycles—from production line to end of life.

“The addition of NanoLock’s flash-to-cloud security and management technology to our flash memory devices can provide robust, device-level defense and trustworthy management for a wide range of low-density IoT devices from smart meters to door locks,” said Graham Loveridge, VP of marketing and semiconductor products at Adesto. “Traditionally, providing this level of security in low-density flash devices has been a challenge. We’re excited to team with NanoLock to show that we can provide it at an attractive price point.”

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