IoT Day Slam 2019 Conference Agenda Announced by the IoT Community
Mitchell Gracie posted on March 22, 2019 |
Speakers will include experts from Uber, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon AWS, Zebra and Spirent.
The conference will cover horizontal industry perspectives across the entire spectrum of IoT. (Image courtesy of the IoT Community.)
The conference will cover horizontal industry perspectives across the entire spectrum of IoT. (Image courtesy of the IoT Community.)

The Internet of Things (IoT) Community has announced its exclusive agenda for the IoT Day Slam 2019 Virtual Conference. The event commences April 9—World IoT Day—to celebrate how IoT has transformed the harvesting and processing of data that was once inaccessible. The eighth conference in the series of IoT Slam events will be broadcasted live around the world online, accessible to be viewed on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

“What better way to commemorate World IoT Day than to bring together some of the world’s industry’s top experts to discuss the latest in IoT applications, technology, security and regulatory compliance,” said Nancy Shemwell, chief operations officer and member of the IoT Community’s advisory board. “Being able to have real-time or on-demand access to thought leaders and top industry experts from a broad industry spectrum makes the IoT Day Slam a truly special event.”

The event hopes to provide a unique opportunity for IoT researchers, developers and manufacturers to be introduced to industry leaders, as well as interesting use-cases that are helping shape the IoT landscape. Speakers and contributors will consist of experts from organizations such as Uber, Zebra, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon AWS and Motion Intelligence. Discussions will focus on insight into business applications, including the deployment of IoT into corporate, enterprise and industrial ecosystems.

The announcement comes after the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the IoT Community to accelerate the digital transformations of IoT.

“Next-generation technologies can only be made possible through the Internet of Things,” said Harry SmeenkTIA vice president of technology programs. “TIA is proud to participate in The IoT Community’s IoT Day Slam virtual conference to advance conversations about IoT applications, use cases and infrastructure for smart buildings and Edge Data Centers. TIA and our members look forward to our continued collaboration with the IoT Community to foster discussions around the IoT.”

One of the key topics of discussion will be the key implementation of IoT into healthcare ecosystems. According to Chris Sullivan, global healthcare practice lead at Zebra Technologies and Healthcare IoT Community advisory board chairman, the spotlight for IoT in healthcare will be on how it can be leveraged to help find cures for diseases and save lives.

“I invite the healthcare community to join us at this exciting event featuring an action-packed day featuring first class content covering a wide range of topics,” Sullivan said.

Regardless of the industry—including healthcare, agriculture, automotive or consumer electronics—the insights and trends to be discussed at IoT Day Slam 2019 will be far reaching and informative for anyone interested or peripheral to IoT technologies.

“We still have much work to do as an industry in educating, informing and enlightening on a global scale,” said David Hill, executive director of the IoT Community. “I invite members, partners and anyone who wants to engage to join us for free at this fascinating virtual event on April 9, where they could gain a fresh perspective on real-world industry best practice.”

Interested in the IoT Day Slam 2019 Conference? Information on the topics and speakers can be viewed here. Registration has begun and can be found here.

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