Analytics-Powered Blockchain to Help the DOD
Richard Adefioye posted on February 18, 2019 |
SPA and Factom collaborate to bring blockchain applications to federal customers.
Blockchain is an internet buzzword that requires little to no introduction these days. But while its application in the financial, manufacturing and healthcare industries are more pronounced, its application in improving the security and efficiency of the defense industry still needs a bit more work. This is why two major players—SPA and Factom—have decided to pull their resources together in a new alliance that could take blockchain application to a whole new level.

Maintenance of data integrity is a topic of major interest in the defense industry and this is something the blockchain technology is particularly renowned to provide. So, it seemed like a good move when Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA)—an analytic software development company—announced its collaboration with Factom, expert providers of the blockchain technology, in a bid to better serve the department of defense (DOD) and other federal customers.

Factom, a major provider of blockchain-as-a-service, has previously worked with the Department of Homeland Security, so it comes as no surprise that they’re gravitating towards the defense industry. The story isn’t so different for SPA either, a company specializing in data-driven, operational, technical and programmatic solutions for the defense industry. Therefore, with mutual experience in the industry, and the blend of analytic-based consulting with IT and blockchain solutions, this alliance may very well be a launching pad for lasting development in security for federal organizations.

Factom specializes in the development of business models that enable enterprises to benefit from the data assurance offered by blockchain. This coupled with SPA’s understanding of the peculiar challenges faced by the DOD and other federal customers presents a unique opportunity to develop actionable blockchain-based solutions that will enhance the security and efficiency of major federal institutions.

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