Siemens Builds Toward Smarter Buildings with Enlighted Inc. Acquisition
Juliver Ramirez posted on May 29, 2018 |
Siemens Building Technologies to integrate Enlighted Inc. and its digital sensory systems.
(Image courtesy of Siemens Building Technologies.)
(Image courtesy of Siemens Building Technologies.)

Siemens Building Technologies—a subdivision of Siemens dedicated to automating technology in infrastructure—is acquiring Enlighted Inc., a leading smart solution provider for commercial spaces. From this deal, Siemens plans to incorporate Enlighted’s digital sensory systems into its smart building technologies. From Enlighted’s highly capable sensors, to its robust computing power, to its unique network and software, the acquisition appears to be a positive move for the industrial manufacturing giant.

Enlighted collects building data like temperature and room occupancy from its smart sensors, which are fitted into light fixtures. The sensors can gather this information 65 times per second, making it highly accurate. The sensors then securely stream the data to the cloud for analysis through the company’s advanced control application, and respond with optimized lighting and HVAC settings. According to Enlighted, the application can save up to 85 percent of lighting costs. This system also reportedly leads to environmental benefits, worker comfort and, in turn, better productivity.

Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Siemens Building Technologies, said, “Enlighted has a strong footprint in revolutionizing building intelligence by developing a multisensor-based IoT platform, using the power of data. With this move, we are demonstrating our commitment to drive digitalization in the smart building industry.”

After the acquisition’s expected completion in Q3 2018, Enlighted will operate as an independent legal entity and wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens. However, there are no financial reports on the acquisition currently.

The combination of Siemens Building Technologies with Enlighted’s light fixture-based sensor resources will likely produce more solutions for smart buildings.

“With Siemens as a global partner, we will both accelerate innovation and market adoption of our smart building technologies on an international scale,” said Joe Costello, chairman and CEO of Enlighted. Before managing Enlighted, Costello was also the CEO of think3, a CAD software company.

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