Altair Acquires CANDI Controls and Its Edge Gateway Technology
Juliver Ramirez posted on May 14, 2018 |
(Image courtesy of Altair.)
(Image courtesy of Altair.)

Altair’s team has grown with the company’s acquisition of CANDI Controls, Inc., a software company with a platform that can connect edge gateway computers to Internet of Things (IoT) devices through a variety of data protocols.

Along with CANDI’s intellectual property assets, Altair will also take over the company’s connections to industry giants like Google, Microsoft and Intel.

In a statement, James Scapa–founder, chairman and CEO at Altair–said, “Altair’s vision is for digital twin simulation and predictive/prescriptive analytics solutions to run in the cloud or on edge gateway computers to optimize performance of both industrial equipment and consumer devices.”

If that’s the case, CANDI makes a great addition to Altair.

CANDI’s software connects systems to devices and uses machine learning to analyze performance data at the edge, allowing companies to manage and monitor data from the cloud and, in turn, make more cost-effective business decisions.

Altair has employed the CANDI software and technology developers who worked on this software. The new hires will now be tasked with working on and developing Altair’s Carriots, an open architecture platform service solution for IoT projects.

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