Altizon Introduces Datonis MInt, a Solution to Better Inform KPIs
Juliver Ramirez posted on May 09, 2018 |
(Image courtesy of Altizon.)
(Image courtesy of Altizon.)

Altizon—a global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform provider—has launched a new application known as Datonis MInt (Manufacturing Intelligence), which is designed to improve the IIoT process through a combination of more comprehensive analytics and machine learning. According to Altizon, the platform can pull data from each step in the manufacturing process to arrive at more insightful key performance indicators (KPIs), which can then be used to fine-tune industrial businesses.

SRF Limited, an Indian manufacturing company and a pilot of the new platform, projected a 10 percent quality improvement after employing Datonis MInt.

The platform achieves these improvements by integrating with key enterprise systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), planning and scheduling, quality management, and business intelligence (BI) platforms. It then draws machine edge data from these systems and analyzes it all under a single business-focused viewpoint.

Manufacturing companies typically employ a handful of different platforms to collect the data needed to inform their future business decisions. However, somewhat counter productively, this approach is costly and yet only provides a limited scope. This can lead to less than optimal KPI reports and, in turn, inhibited growth.

“With Datonis MInt, we have addressed this problem by delivering the analyses that empowers management to track their KPIs and make more confident, informed decisions that drive efficiency, cost savings and business transformation,” said Vinay Nathan, CEO of Altizon Systems. “We designed MInt to tie diverse production, quality and maintenance data together to provide a true picture and traceability for manufacturing operations. Businesses can now work with powerful metrics all in real time and continue to evolve as the systems learn.”

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