Global LTE Connectivity with an All-in-One IoT Module
Michael Alba posted on November 21, 2017 |
The Cinterion PLS62-W IoT module offers connectivity on 12 LTE bands.
The Cinterion PLS62-W IoT module. (Image courtesy of Gemalto.)
The Cinterion PLS62-W IoT module. (Image courtesy of Gemalto.)

Digital security company Gemalto has released a new Internet of Things (IoT) module that it claims is an industry first “all-in-one,”referring to the fact that the module can provide worldwide connectivity on 12 LTE bands.The global compatibility of the module, called the Cinterion PLS62-W, has the potential to greatly simplify IoT deployments, especially those deployed across multiple geographic regions.

The Cinterion PLS62-W provides LTE Cat-M1 connectivity (an LPWAN standard) on 12 LTE bands. If LTE is not available, the PLS62-W also provides fallback coverage to seven-band 3G and quad-band 2G connectivity.

"Ideal for worldwide tracking and tracing, telematics and fleet management solutions, the Cinterion multi band LTE Cat 1 module with 3G, 2G fallback is a one-stop shop for cellular IoT connectivity, no matter where your IoT solutions are deployed or where they move," said Gemalto’s Andreas Haegele. "The highly efficient Cinterion PLS62-W is perfectly suited for applications that need to operate across many different wireless network environments for many years.”

The Cinterion PLS62-W also boasts an advanced power management system to provide an optimized sleep mode, aimed at extending battery life for remote industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. Lastly, the PLS62-W includes a Java ME Embedded 3.2 system to add processing power to IoT solutions, and simplify application design with a library of open-source code and software building blocks.

To learn more about the Cinterion PLS62-W IoT module, check out the Gemalto product page. To learn more about the use of cellular LPWAN standards for the IoT, read Rethinking the Cellular IoT Market.

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