New IoT Cloud Partners Join the Libelium Ecosystem
Michael Alba posted on November 09, 2017 |
The Libelium Meshlium IoT Gateway (right) pictured next to other Libelium IoT solutions. (Image courtesy of Libelium.)
The Libelium Meshlium IoT Gateway (right) pictured next to other Libelium IoT solutions. (Image courtesy of Libelium.)

Internet of Things (IoT) company Libelium has extended its IoT ecosystem by integrating six new IoT cloud platforms with its IoT gateway, Meshlium. The following platforms are newly compatible with Meshlium: Biz4Intellia, NEC Connexive, RoboMQ, Spark Compass, Symphoni and Ubicamóvil.

The new platforms join Libelium’s 100+ ecosystem partners, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Bluemix, and more. By continuing to grow its IoT ecosystem, Libelium is adhering to its commitment to interoperability—a common refrain in the IoT world, and for good reason. The more IoT devices that can speak to each other, the better.

“The great interoperability of our IoT platform allows customers to access new market opportunities by connecting any sensor or even any device to any cloud platform through any communication protocol,” said Libelium CEO Alicia Asín.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Libelium’s new IoT partners:

  • Biz4Intellia: An end-to-end IoT solution with devices, analytics, business services and more
  • NEC Connexive: The Connexive IoT platform supports big data storage, processing and analytics
  • RoboMQ: A hybrid integration platform that connects software as a service (SaaS), cloud, on-premise, mobile and IoT applications
  • Spark Compass: An IoT data collection and analytics platform with a focus on healthcare and public space
  • Symphoni: A visual platform for building IoT applications with no code required
  • Ubicamóvil: An IoT platform initially designed to track automobiles via GPS that is now expanding to different IoT verticals

NEC’s Senior Vice President Shigeru Okuya spoke highly of the new Meshlium integration. “Through this partnership, NEC will expand the IoT ecosystem leveraging on collaboration as a core factor and contribute in improving customer’s efficiency and creating new social value through IoT technologies. Libelium’s robust IoT sensor portfolio and NEC IoT solutions integration experience brings a unique ready-to-use offering to the IoT market.”

For information about Libelium’s other IoT solutions, check out Wastewater Treatment with the Internet of Things.

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