Edge Intelligence Partner Ecosystem Released by FogHorn
Shawn Wasserman posted on October 09, 2017 |
Edge computing has become a major supplementary tool within the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. It is therefore no surprise that edge computing software supplier FogHorn has recently announced an Industrial IoT (IIot) partnership ecosystem.

“The expansion of our partner ecosystem comes at a major inflection point in the adoption of edge intelligence technology for IIoT,” said David C. King, CEO of FogHorn. “We are seeing strong demand in every major industrial sector, including manufacturing, oil and gas, power and water, mining, transportation, smart buildings and smart cities.” 

“The industrial organizations in each of these sectors … are looking for breakthrough edge computing solutions to generate the operational efficiency and business value creation benefits provided by IIoT data science technology,” added King. 

One of the biggest drawbacks to relying solely on the cloud or data center is the latency in reply. Also, each time you send data, it eats up a little more bandwidth while increasing hosting expenses and cybersecurity access points. King hopes that his edge technology and ecosystem will reduce these limitations in the IIoT.

Who Has Joined the FogHorn Edge Computing Ecosystem?
A significant number of partners have already joined FogHorn’s edge computing ecosystem in their goal to speed up IIoT development. Each of these partners offers various use cases or applications. The list includes:

  • Analytics and machine learning technology for industrial equipment, automation and control
    • GE
    • Bosch
    • Yokogawa
  • IoT consultants and system integrators for data science, app development and onsite implementation
    • PWC
    • Tech Mahindra
    • Infosys
    • NEC
    • Enecom
  • IIoT gateway suppliers that can be embedded into PLCs, DCSs and microprocessors
    • Dell
    • HPE
    • Cisco
    • Stratus
    • Axiomtek
  • IIoT semiconductor developers
    • Intel
    • ARM
    • Xilinx
    • Cavium
  • Cloud infrastructure, artificial learning and machine Learning for edge-to-cloud deployment
    • GE Predix
    • AWS
    • Microsoft
    • SAP Hana
    • MAPR
    • Cloudera

“IIoT requires partnerships across an ecosystem that consists of many different pieces of equipment, from mechanical production lines to chemical plant processes, from many suppliers,” said Ian Hughes, senior analyst of IoT at 451 Research. “It is not sufficient to consider data in just one silo of operation, with only one machine or provider instrumented.” 

“Companies that can act at the intersection of both the complex existing legacy operational technology and the emerging digital transformation with integration into the IT side of the enterprise will be able to generate more effective long-term business benefit,” added Hughes. “FogHorn recognizes the importance of developing such an ecosystem with this announcement about their partnerships.”

To learn more about FogHorn, check out “Approaching the IIoT with Machine Learning and Edge Intelligence in Mind.”

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