KEPServerEX Version 6.3 Released
Michael Alba posted on October 13, 2017 |
(Image courtesy of Kepware.)
(Image courtesy of Kepware.)

Industrial connectivity software provider Kepware has released the latest version of its KEPServerEX Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity platform, version 6.3. The latest release sees a number of improvements and additions, including better integration with the ThingWorx IoT platform from Kepware’s parent company PTC.

One of the biggest updates to KEPServerEX is the introduction of a new driver, the Keyence KV Ethernet driver. KEPServerEX drivers allow the platform to manage proprietary communications for specific data sources. The Keyence KV Ethernet driver allows KEPServerEX to communicate with Keyence KV series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), allowing the PLCs to connect with other IIoT devices.

Another addition to KEPServerEX is remote project loading with ThingWorx. This feature will allow ThingWorx users to import local KEPServerEX projects and push them to any connected instance of KEPServerEX, where the project will be loaded into the runtime. Users will thus be able to deploy KEPServerEX projects remotely and manage all their machine instances from the ThingWorx interface.

KEPServerEX v6.3 also includes improvements to Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functionality for KEPServerEX’s configuration API. Users of the configuration API will find it easier to make fast changes on large projects, with v6.3 focusing on enabling users to interact less with the local configuration and write common code for objects across projects. Lastly, v6.3 includes new time sync functionality for drivers with electronic flow measurement (EFM) capabilities, allowing users to have finer control over time synchronization by setting custom time sync thresholds for EFM drivers.

“KEPServerEX v6.3 is another strategic update to our industry-leading solution, with a focus on saving users time, streamlining their processes and enhancing their project customization capabilities,” said Kepware’s Jeff Bates. “This release will give users more control over their projects, even when connecting remotely.”

To learn more about KEPServerEX, read “KEPServerEX Connectivity Platform to Feed Data to Dell’s Edge Computing Technology.”

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