A Helping Hand for IIoT
Michael Alba posted on August 04, 2017 | 2211 views
GE Digital’s tiered Acceleration Plans promises to help you achieve your IIoT goals. (Image courtesy of GE Digital.)
GE Digital’s tiered Acceleration Plans promises to help you achieve your IIoT goals. (Image courtesy of GE Digital.)

GE Digital, provider of the Predix Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, has announced a new service for the industrial Internet: Acceleration Plans, a three-tiered model of customized IIoT training, planning, support and management.

As we’ve written before, organizations looking to adopt IoT and IIoT solutions needn’t do it alone. Just as you wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without a Sherpa, neither would you want to climb Mount IIoT without someone who’s been to the top before. I think it’s fair to say that GE Digital has summited this particular peak, and now it wants to be your digital Sherpa.

“Only 15 percent of software deployments are considered very successful,” warned GE Digital’s Chad Naeger. “Organizational readiness, support, training and data quality need to be accounted for if positive business outcomes are going to be generated. Customers work with GE Digital because they want a partner who has deep industrial domain experience, offers innovative software and analytics solutions, and most importantly, who has also gone through a digital transformation and realized the benefits.”

The three tiers of Acceleration Plans cater to different levels of organizational needs:

  •  Standard: Offers 24/7 online support and IIoT training, and a 1 business day response time
  • Premier: Offers a 30-minute response time and a partner from GE Digital’s Adoption Services team
  • Enterprise: Offers a personalized IIoT plan, and managed services that include data and connectivity monitoring

 GE Digital is confident in its ability to help customers achieve value from their IIoT investments and quick to point out its hefty portfolio of customer success stories. “To be a part of the successful 15 percent,” continued Naeger, “you need a partner who knows what it takes to transform digitally.  Everything in these plans is there to make that transformation fast and successful.”

To learn more about GE Digital, check out GE Digital and BearingPoint Team Up to Accelerate IIoT Adoption.

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