End-to-End IoT Security
Michael Alba posted on July 31, 2017 | 3363 views
The Mocana IoT Security Platform is focused on mission-critical IoT security. (Image courtesy of Mocana.)
The Mocana IoT Security Platform is focused on mission-critical IoT security. (Image courtesy of Mocana.)

Security providers Mocana and Gemalto have announced a partnership based on security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). The partnership will focus on the interoperability of Mocana’s IoT Security Platform with Gemalto’s digital security solutions, and aims to provide end-to-end IoT security life-cycle management.

The question of IoT security is a pretty big deal, and a lot of engineers recognize the need to address security issues. The partnership between Mocana and Gemalto is an effort to make it easier for IoT designers to embed security into their IoT devices and networks, as well as to enhance the monetization of IoT solutions.

To that end, the collaborative IoT security solution promises to provide a number of security features, including:

  • Controls for secure boot and update to maintain device integrity
  • Security for a range of networking protocols, including cellular and LoRa
  • Support for multifactor authentication
  • Identity provisioning and management for IoT devices
  • Key and certificate management for IoT gateways and endpoints

“Ensuring the safety and reliability of connected devices is more important than ever,” said Mocana CEO Bill Diotte. “Partnering with Gemalto will make it easier for device manufacturers and cloud providers to secure device identities, incorporate strong hardware-based roots of trust, and integrate proven cyber security software controls into applications embedded in IoT devices and critical infrastructure.”

Beyond security, the companies hope to offer IoT developers solutions for monetizing their IoT assets. As the IoT offers new opportunities and business models, developers may need some assistance in navigating the different monetization options.

“One of the biggest promises of IoT is the change in mindset for doing business—a mindset to move from a product-based monetization approach to a service-based approach,” reads Gemalto’s description of IoT monetization. “This requires a monetization framework that allows all contributors to leverage from the new IoT business models, and have the agility to deploy new applications quickly to have a quicker ROI.”

Though still in the early stages, if the Mocana/Gemalto partnership results in solutions that can provide both embedded security and a monetization framework for IoT devices, it will definitely be worth checking out.

To learn more about Mocana, read An IoT Platform for Military Avionics Security.

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