New IoT Platform to Enable Advanced Video Analytics
Michael Alba posted on April 17, 2017 |
Smart Retail solutions include the ability to track customers and what they’re interested in. (Image courtesy of Gorilla Technology).
Smart Retail solutions include the ability to track customers and what they’re interested in. (Image courtesy of Gorilla Technology).

Internet of Things (IoT) and video intelligence company Gorilla Technology recently launched their new Video IoT Platform at the 2017 International Security Conference (ISC West) in Las Vegas. The platform brings together Gorilla’s Edge and Cloud technology with partner Dell’s series of Embedded Box PCs, and targets several IoT video applications.

The Video IoT Platform is marketed towards four main IoT applications: education, enterprise, retail, and security. According to Gorilla, all of these areas have the potential to take advantage of IoT-enabled video analytics. Here’s what the Video IoT Platform offers:

  • Smart School: Gorilla Technology envisions a cloud-based learning center, where lectures can be live-streamed, courses managed, and student attendance tracked, all through the Video IoT Platform.
  • Smart Enterprise: Applications in this area include an automated attendance solution, which uses two-factor biometric identification that can be integrated with existing ID systems. Businesses can use the video IoT platform to monitor employees, visitors, and vehicles.
  • Smart Retail: Analyzing real-time video with the Video IoT Platform enables reports on factors such as customer count, shopper demographics, and heat-maps of high-traffic store areas. With online retailers often having a data advantage over their real-world counterparts, the platform’s goal is to give offline retailers similar business intelligence (BI) advantages.
  • Smart Surveillance: The Video IoT Platform will allow for real-time tracking of people and vehicles across multiple locations, with the ability to alert security personnel to interlopers.

The combined solutions of Gorilla Technology and Dell aim to bring customers cost-effective, flexible, and low-latency performance for their IoT video applications.

“Gorilla Technology offers a range of solutions that combines video analytics and IoT technology to deliver business intelligence insights,” said Gorilla Technology CEO Spincer Koh. “Dell provides IoT-enabling hardware for innovative use cases and rugged environments. With Gorilla’s domain experience in providing video analytics and surveillance software, we jointly deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions for the IoT market.”

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